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There isn’t much I can say that would even begin to do this place justice. Its a giant fun house that is built almost entirely out of repurposed industrial and architectural materials. Everything is made to be climbed on, crawled through, and slid down. There is also a ten story spiral slide, an aquarium, a nice taxidermy and insect collection, an architectural museum, a shoelace factory, and countless other collections of weird shit. OH, and a tiny train thats ran by a tiny man in a tiny conductors outfit! I haven’t stopped talking about the place since we left weeks ago. I can honestly say that i’ve seen or experienced anything like it in my entire life. We found out about City Museum the last day we we’re in St. Louis and only got to spend a few hours there. If I ever get the opportunity to go back there i’d set aside two whole days to devote to the place. Also, on the weekend they stay open until 12am and have a full bar. I highly suggest a trip to St. Louis for this place alone.

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Clouse and Hattie 

  • 7 October 2012
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